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The development of the Internet has opened up all sorts of ways for people to communicate. It is still not clear how this will develop, but there is the potential for the development of worldwide communities with common interests, networking in real time, sharing experiences with little or no external control.

I am trying to collect in one place all the newsgroups, mailing lists, chat rooms, and newsletters etc., which could be of interest to people involved with the science and technology of food, its manufacture, and its consumption. This would allow them to keep up to date, share questions and answers, and to meet people with similar interests.

It will always be work in progress, but I will try to avoid setting up any signs to say so. Graphics will be kept to a minimum and page lengths may be be long to speed up access to the data. There is a what's new page.

As is usual in pages like this one. If you are aware of any resources which have been missed, please email them to me.

The Internet offers unparalleled opportunities for discussion and communication via email. The main ways are by use of public electronic notice boards, which are organised and better known as usenet or news groups, and by closed email lists known as mailing lists. Increasingly, web based chat rooms are being set up. Again these are text based notice boards, but in this case they are attached to web sites.

Newsgroups or Usenet

Mailing Lists

Web Chat Rooms, News and Bulletin Boards

Food Scientists on the web

This unnofficial virtual directory of home pages by food scientists was set up by Jim Eilers, and when he had to stop, I agreed to take it over.

What's New in Talking Food, and The Gopher´s Choice - humorous articles on food

Again, if you are aware of any resources which should have been included, or indeed of other methods of Internet communication which I have not included, please let me know.

So, please join in with the rest of the connected world, and let us see what a world wide community can achieve.

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