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Talking Food
List of Food Newsgroups (UseNet)

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If you would like to know more about newsgroups, and how they work, you could visit my Usenet page and then return to this one.

This list of newsgroups has been selected from the sci. hierarchy to illustrate the range of content. There are others in the alt. hierarchy which are similar, but they often contain many of the same postings as the sci. groups with a similar focus, such as alt.sustainable.agriculture , which is similar to sci.agriculture. Once you get the feel of how they work, you can look for others of interest. Non-English, and local newsgroups may also be set up.

The following is quoted from the IFST web site.

"IFST is pleased and proud to have helped in its further development by contributing its FAQ and Definitions to be major parts of the FAQ for As with mailing lists, a newsgroup is global in scope, and its character depends on its postings, which in turn depends on food scientists and technologists making worthwhile contributions to discussion. It has already been attracting postings from around the world, and we urge all on-line food scientists and technologists to join in its discussions."

sci.agricultureFarming and agriculture
sci.agriculture.beekeeping  Beekeeping and hive products
sci.agriculture.fruitFruit, berries, and nuts
sci.agriculture.poultryChickens, ducks and geese
sci.agriculture.raritesOstrich, emu, rhea, ranching
sci.aquariaAquaria and fish study of plants research(Mod) research science and biology science and technology and reptiles, fungi, algae and related sciences diseases and pests (Mod)
sci.chemChemistry and related sciences
sci.chem.analyticalAnalytical chemistry
sci.chem.labwareChemical laboratory equipment
sci.econScience of economics
sci.econ.researchEconomics research (Mod)
sci.engrEngineering discussions
sci.engr.biomedBiomedical engineering
sci.engr.chemChemical engineering
sci.engr.civilCivil engineering
sci.engr.controlEngineering of control systems
sci.engr.heat-vent-acAir conditioning and refrigeration
sci.engr.manufacturingManufacturing technology
sci.engr.mechMechanical engineering Safety of engineered systems
sci.environmentEnvironment and ecology impacts of diet
sci.physicsPhysical laws, properties, etc
sci.researchResearch methods, funding, ethics
sci.systemsSystems science(Mod)
aus.foodtechAustralian food technology
alt.foodGeneral food postings and drink;Food through the ages

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