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Talking Food

Are you a food scientist with a home page? Food Scientists on the Web is limited to those who wish to be listed. Once an individual has requested inclusion, the site will be visited to determine that it meets the intent of the group.
This virtual directory was created by Jim Eilers. He had to give it up and I have agreed to take over and continue it.

Due to the pressure of work and the development of the social networking sites this site is not being maintained as there are better ways of doing what we tried to acheive

Criteria for sites to be included in Food Scientists on the Web        

  1. Is the site a personal web page?
  2. Is the owner a food scientist by training, profession, or serious avocation -- or a student of the food sciences?
  3. Sites that are predominantly focused on businesses or organizations are outside the scope of FSW--a number of other pages and search engines already provide ample reference to such sites.

To join, email your URL and a brief description of yourself to Roger Trobridge,

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