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New Additions

15 July 1998 - I have added some farming resources to the mailing list section - Fish-Sci, Graze-L, and WholeFoods, plus some new newsletters including JapanScan, DairyNew, and The Pats Lovers Newsletter, plus chat sites.

The Gopher's Choice

There are some resources which may not quite fit into the strict definition of this site, but where they have good online content or have an outstanding selection of links, I will highlight them here and then add them to the Gopher Jewels collection below. It is an idiosyncratic list for which I make no apologies.

For a bigger directory of links to Internet Food Resources you could try the Food Science shelves of the new NewHoo web directory, for which I am now the editor.

The current Gopher's Choice is the UK Government Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries site

This has improved rapidly over the year and is an example of how governments can make important information quickly available everyone.

New Sections ?

If the web site proves useful, I may add other sections, so please let me know if there is anything else you would like included. I have no intentions of duplicating the big meta sites which include urls for all the universities, institutes, and government departments.... I am only interested in interactive resources.

Gophers Jewels

    Dave MacKinnon's site in Prince Edward Island, Canada, is my favourite meta site for food related urls. At one time my private collection was bigger than his ever expanding list but it is easier to let Dave keep his up to date now the directory structure has been updated. You should find links to most food related resources here. The sites will appear in a new browser window. Just close it when you have finished. This window will remain open so you can easily return.

    The Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) Food and Nutrition Software and Multimedia Programs Healthy School Meals Training Materials Nutrition Education and Training (NET) Program Products USDA / FDA Foodborne Illness Educational Materials USDA / FDA HACCP Training Programs WIC-Developed Nutrition Education Materials

    John Laidler's pages on the library web site at CSIRO, in Australia, was the other big influence when I started looking for food resources a couple of years ago. It also undergone a few changes since then, but it is well worth a visit if you are looking for a specific resource.

    Ed Blonz's web site was where I realised the value of a specialist sharing his bookmarks. As a syndicated columnist writing about nutrition, food, and health for many US newspapers, he quickly utilised the extra possibilities of the Internet. After more than two years his site is still growing. He obviously loves his food.

    Tony Helman's web site in Australia has grown dramatically since I have been on the Internet, and it is probably the biggest collection of Nutrition resources of all kinds. Another example of what you can do if you are single minded and you get there first. A very well organised site.

    The MAFF (UK Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) web site was transformed during 1997 to become an example of how governments can use the Internet to communicate with its electorate. The site gives access to its committees, press releases, nutrition, farming, environment, and food research programs, as well as the proposed Food Standards Agency.

    The IFST (Institute of Food Science and Technology) was the first web site I ever got involved with. This very useful site is a tribute to the fantastic energy, technical knowledge, and experience of a determined septuagenarian, Ralph Blanchfield. In addition to serving the needs of the members of the society, it aims to provide summaries of technical information on important food topics for the general public and the media. See the Hot Topics page.

    The Microbiology Network The Microbiology Network run by Scott Sutton provides links to user's groups on the WWW, mail lists, forums, and file libraries. Major areas of interest are regulatory microbiology in the pharmaceutical, food, and personal care industries.

    To be continued......

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