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This is a collection of tips and programs about bookmarks, browsing, and searching, which I have picked up on my travels round the Internet looking for information and fun. It is updated regularly, and I hope is of use to people who are just starting out, or anyone looking for better and more efficient ways to surf the Internet. Let me know if there are other areas which you think I should include.

I would like to emphasise that I am writing from personal experience, which means that all the programs mentioned run on Windows95. Mac versions are available in many cases. I like to try new ideas, so some of the software mentioned may still be in beta test. If, like me, you get addicted, take your daily shot of innovation and see which applications suit your needs best. Let me know how you get on, especially if you can't find what you want.

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Here is where I will add any other web surfing topics which might help beginners understand the Internet a little better.

  • The FMSBS - Fast Modem, Slow Browser Society: surfing on the Grand Prix circuit.

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